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Johnston Road sweeper parts welcomes you.

Welcome to our Johnston Road Sweeper Parts web site, we have been servicing companies across the globe for many years with Road Sweeper parts for the following trucks.

Johnston 600 Road Sweepers, Johnston 625 Road Sweepers, Johnston 700 Road Sweepers, Johnston 800 Road Sweepers, Johnston VT Range Road Sweepers, Johnston Compact 25 Road Sweepers, Johnston Compact 40 Road Sweepers, Johnston Compact 50 Road Sweepers

3000 plus parts for your Road Sweepers in stock.

Municipal Road sweepers are also commonly known as Road Cleaners and Street Cleaners. Many larger companies and Municipality organisations have a number of road sweepers throughout the area in constant use and as such continually need to replace wearing sweeper items

We not only supply spare parts which we ship to any country, we are also a manufacturer of many road sweeper parts, and through experience have found that we can supply you as good a product but at a far more affordable price. Wherever possible we have improved upon original equipment, using the finest available materials and with the feed back from our customers enables us to continually redevelop and improve our products.

So regardless of the type of spare part you are looking for, look no further, contact us for a price and we will look forward to dealing with you time after time.

We are privileged to be key suppliers to leading manufactures, a position we have earned by supplying high quality products on time, every time. We also offer new and used road sweepers for sale.

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JOHNSTON is a registered trade mark of Johnston Sweepers Limited

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